Enterprise Private Networks at a fraction of the price!

Private Networks allow businesses with multiple office locations to be connected under a single secure network. They also allow for unlimited data between sites as well as advanced features like traffic optimisation and Quality of Service (QoS)

Private Networks are available as an extra addon for any of our connectivity mediums from DSL through to Fibre and even 3G / 4G. Because of the flexibility between connectivity mediums, Conekt Australia are also able to provide Private Network solutions at highly competitive pricing.

When purchasing multiple services from Conekt Australia including IaaS and co-location from one of our data centres across the country, we are able to terminate private network connections directly into these data centres, enabling our clients to bundle different services, and provide complete end-to-end solutions.






Australia Wide Connectivity Solutions

Conekt Australia offers a full range of wholesale internet connectivity. These services provide a highly reliable and competitive solution for our customers.


·        ADSL2+ & NBN

·        Bonded DSL services

·        Fibre – Ethernet (EoF)

·        Ethernet Over Copper (EoC), or Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

·        Managed Connections

·        3G & 4G Wireless



Managed Internet Services

End-to-end management for internet services.

Having a managed connectivity service with Conekt Australia means that our customers IT departments can shift their focus back to the business, whilst our team ensures their network is online and operating at peak performance.

Our managed services are all backed by carrier grade enterprise hardware, along with fully trained product specific service engineers ensuring our clients' networks are in safe hands. Monitored 24/7 utilising state of the art software gives our engineering team the ability to swiftly identify issues on the fly while at the same time have the statistics needed to scale as required. This ensures our clients are being cared for in the best possible way, giving an elastic approach to our connectivity solutions.

All of our managed services are allocated dedicated account managers to eliminate the need of having to wait on hold, along with business processes in place to ensure that no question goes unanswered and support requests are responded to in a timely manner.


Our approach to transforming the connectivity architecture into SD-WAN will deliver considerable benefits. This solution utilises a Hybrid WAN topology where traditional transports such as MPLS and Internet are combined in a multi-path secure hybrid network. All transport within an SD-WAN network is encrypted end-to-end via a VPN technology, to establish security across varying transport types.

This effectively enables a transport-agnostic connectivity architecture which can be secure, cost-effective and also incorporating our partner Verizon’s world leading Managed WAN SLA’s. Conekt Australia & Verizon proposes a solution that ensures our customer is capable of executing on its tactical and strategic growth plans within region. Conekt & Verizon are offering a number of their world class products to deliver a robust, scalable and future proof solution that meets our customer’s immediate and future requirements.




Conekt Australia’s Securitised Networking Service offers the following business and solution objectives:

Provide robust connectivity services both for now and potential future requirements

Deliver a consistent performance experience regardless of country and of the highest standard

 Provide a scalable and flexible platform to accommodate changing connectivity requirements including cloud service provider connectivity and bandwidth on-demand

Provide resilient solutions with survivability and Disaster Recovery provisions built into them

Provide optimum fit-for-purpose solutions by leveraging Verizon’s Global network services and assets

Leverage Conekt Australia & Verizon’s Global in-house expertise in all stages of design, planning, building, operating and managing the proposed solutions; and

Deploy secure solutions which are integrated functionally, operationally and commercially



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