A pay as you go, Voice over IP platform that has been designed with a focus on agility, and ease of delivery. This service best suits clients who have a need for high performance, quality of service, and low cost hosted PBX solutions.

Wholesale Voice over IP

Highly competitive call rates for local, national and mobiles available in either timed or untimed billing options.


Carrier-grade reliability

VoIP is one of the most important aspects of our clients business which is why we operate a rock solid carrier grade environment.


Number porting

Never have to change numbers again. We offer a full number porting service through our Partner Portal and will manage the entire process.


SMB to call centre

Our platform is capable of catering for the smallest of customers to the largest. With enterprise features and a pay as you use model, Conekt Australia can offer exactly what our clients need


Customer Interface

A web interface designed for Conekt Australia’s clients to login and manage their own environments.


Conekt Australia offers a range of business phone systems that cover a range of digital and IP phones, analogue phones, consoles, conference phones, and peripherals suited for business of all sizes and industries.

Extremely high quality business phones, that combine the ergonomics, feature-richness, and voice quality users expect.

Feature rich telephony, easy to use, and advanced communications platforms.

Easily customisable, Conekt Australia’s on-premise solutions can address any differential in client requirement, with agility, ease of delivery, quality, and on-going support being our focus.

IP Phones


SIP Phones


Analog Phones


Voice over Wi-Fi Phones




Digital Phones and Peripherals


IP Peripherals and Accessories


Unified Communications Solutions


Contact Center Solutions


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