"Conekt - Australia's Reseller of the year 2018/2019"


At Conekt, we use intelligent processes to respond to your personal business needs. We are a leading Managed Service Provider across a range of industries.

We are learning

within our organisation

We are learning within our organisation by implementing four key strategies. These key strategies are;

  • Engaging in a process of continual  self-improvement.

  • Celebrating our strengths & striving to be the best versions of ourselves.

  • Evaluating our mistakes and sharing key learnings.

  • Striving to ask high-quality questions.

We are learning

in the market

We are learning in the Market by developing a regular, high-quality Research practice.


This daily research within Conekt participates in six of the best research techniques in the industry, these are;

- Testing

- Critiquing

- Evaluating

- Training

- Networking

- Maintenance of Strategic relationships.

We are learning

from our clients

We are consistently learning from our clients as we strive to always maintain high-quality relationships with all of our clients. We do this by providing the following communication qualities;

- Curious mindset

- Frequent and quality Dialogue

- Active listening

- Intent to understand

We are learning

from our competitors

We are learning from our competitors. At Conekt we understand that as industry leaders we must seek those who can continually challenge us.

Our competitors assist us in reflecting on our own practice and lead us to disrupt the status quo. 

We thrive on being one of the industries Market leaders and this means a responsibility to understand our competitors.


is our


We are learning within our organisation because we engage in a process of continual self-improvement. We also celebrate our strengths and strive to be the best versions of ourselves. We evaluate mistakes & share key learnings so we can improve and grow. We strive to ask high-quality questions to all our clients 100% of the time.  ​We are learning from our clients daily by nurturing high-quality relationships.

The relationships we have with our clients are maintained by exploring mutual curiosity and creating a dynamic where questions are encouraged. We also invest in dialogue with our clients by actively listening to them whilst always having an intent to understand.

The market is shifting daily and new technologies are being developed faster every day. Due to this growth we know we must keep up-to-date with the latest research findings. These often lead to our internal business specialists testing the latest research against our own critique and evaluation. These findings often lead to specified training within the latest technologies. Along with this we network and develop industry relationships, contacting strategic game-changers so that we are at the forefront of the industry. ​


Some companies shy away form their competitors, not at Conekt - here we embrace our industry and learn from our competitors. We continually challenge ourselves to reflect on our own practice and disrupt the status quo.


At Conekt, our services are clever, unique & responsive.

Your excellence is our future


We use current and future technologies.

We ask high-quality questions.

We actively listen to clients.

We design cutting-edge solutions that are congruent to current systems in place.

​We Partner with leading providers to ensure the highest quality solutions are always at your fingertips.

We have an extensive pool of high-profile suppliers for immediate access to thousands of configurations.


A B O U T  U S 

At Conekt, our Future is Responsive. Exciting. Measured.

Our information will guide you on the latest solutions for your business including; Business Process Automation, Cloud & Networking,
IT Services, Cybersecurity, and Managed Print.
We do hours of research to provide businesses with the latest industry news. 
We wont send you spam, we wont give your details to anyone.
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