From the heart of Sydney, Australia, Conekt Australia embarked on a journey in 2017, fueled by a fervent passion for enhancing workplaces globally. Founded by the visionary duo, Alex Pinkerton and John Blankevoort, who share nearly half a century of industry expertise between them, Conekt Australia emerged as a beacon of workplace innovation and future-ready technologies.


The inception happened in a notable Sydney restaurant on Jan 8, 2017, but the vision had been brewing much longer, evolving from the rich experiences garnered since 2001. Alex, a seasoned technology advisor, and John, a maestro in corporate sales, integrated their strengths, virtues, and values to carve out a unique entity in Conekt Australia. This collaborative spirit stood as the bedrock, allowing them to cater to clients with unmatched loyalty and dedication.


We champion the philosophy of “one supplier, with hundreds of possibilities,” reflecting our vast range of solutions tailored to individual workplace needs. This steadfast commitment has fostered enduring partnerships with industry leaders like UiPath, Microsoft and Konica Minolta, facilitating the creation of industry-driven solutions that resonate profoundly with both our first and continuing clients.


Our distinctive name, Conekt with a ‘k’, mirrors our unique approach to business — always connecting, endlessly innovative. The infinity symbol in our branding showcases the limitless solutions and opportunities we bring to the table, further underscored when we incorporated the globe to signify our expanding global footprint and connectivity beyond Australian shores.


Recognition came swiftly, as we garnered accolades including the Number 1 Konica Minolta Reseller of the Year in 2018 and being distinguished as the 3rd Fastest Growing IT Service Provider in 2019 by CRN FAST50. Our growth trajectory saw us partnering with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and high-profile multinational corporations, epitomizing the trust and quality Conekt guarantees.


Our company culture, anchored in Agility, Empowerment, Support, and Engagement, drives us to foster a growth mindset and embrace continuous learning. Adherence to a stringent ethics code ensures we wield technology responsibly and sustainably, emphasising self-improvement and aligning personal aspirations with organisational objectives.


Join us as we continue to forge paths untrodden, revolutionising workplaces one individual solution at a time, guided by our unwavering commitment to client success, innovative spirit, and a global perspective that transcends boundaries.

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Successful partnerships and responsive solutions, for a better-connected future

At Conekt, we engage with forward-thinkers and deliver experience-rich technologies and services to realise your individual workplace utopia.

Successful Partnerships

  • A Passion for people and their lives at work.

  • Cutting-edge excellence in technology, innovation, design & support.

  • Client success is our future.

  • Research data and latest technologies.

  • Powerful partnerships to bring solutions to life.

Responsive Solutions

  • Begin with data, based on research.

  • Grow our business while integrating new technology.

  • Continuously Improving Security.

  • Reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Designing individualised responsive solutions for the measurable success of organisations.

A better-connected future

  • Support our local partners, to deliver more efficient solutions.

  • Empower people with more access to technology.

  • Deliver value across large companies and small businesses by connecting technology to individuals.

  • Deliver resilient workplace solutions.

We embrace our company culture and share our passion to build efficient organisations and deliver workplace utopia as a team. 

We cherish our team profoundly, recognising that our collective strength and success stem from each valued member's contributions. It is their dedication and expertise that fuel our ability to deliver unparalleled solutions, grounding us in the principle that together, we will always deliver workplace, and can achieve anything.

”To derive meaning from ones’ work looks different to everyone. As a director, facilitating the journey of meaning-making for each team member, is ultimately what brings meaning to my own work"

Alex, Director

Alex, Director

"Relationships are why I got into this business! There is no greater fulfilment than a client who turns to you time and time again to help solve their problems."

John, Director

John, Director

"I enjoy completing complex IT problems because I thrive on new challenges and how solving client issues brings greater efficiency to companies"

Ben, ICT solutions

Ben, ICT solutions

"Ongoing challenges and motivation to improve performance are what keeps me engaged!"

Kim, Change Lead

Kim, Change Lead

"I hold the conviction that nurturing processes and harmonious practices pave the way for flourishing and abundant outcomes, enriching both business prosperity and client relationships."

Natalie, IT Projects Officer

Natalie, IT Projects Officer

"I find joy in elevating the anticipated, surpassing our clients' expectations from behind the scenes."

Ingrid, Marketing & Design

Ingrid, Marketing & Design
We support your excellence

At Conekt we begin by supporting your business and company needs.
We succeed when you achieve excellence, that is our advantage.