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Successful partnerships and responsive solutions allow Conekt to build you a 
better-connected future.


Client success has always been our future, along with our passion for people and their lives at work.

Since its birth in Sydney, Australia, in 2017, Conekt Australia has been a catalyst for future-centred technologies and workplace innovation.

With little under half a century of experience between partners, Alex Pinkerton and John Blankevoort's decision to bring Conekt's offering of workplace utopia to the World was just what the industry needed.

The company that delivers Australian companies with cutting-edge technologies was born in an iconic restaurant in Sydney, Australia on May 8, 2017. Although launched at this time, Conekt's global vision of individualising workplaces evolved from years of experience. Since 2001, the partners were simultaneously refining their knowledge of workplace solutions in their individual industries. John Blankevoort, a corporate sales specialist, and Alex Pinkerton, an accomplished technologies advisor, have over 40 years of combined industry experience.

As they developed the companies' business model in 2016/17 the common vision produced what we now know as Conekt Australia. Their partnership allowed for the integration of their strengths, values, and virtues to better deliver solutions to their loyal clients and corporate agencies.

This future-focused approach to workplace technology allowed Conekt to align itself and partner with leading industry companies. Conekt's principal partnerships and long-term relationships with Konica Minolta, Mitel, and UiPath empowered their teams' focus to produce Industry-led solutions. Conekt's "one supplier, with hundreds of possibilities" is a concept that persists to echo in the companies ethos. Conekt's first clients and continuing clients view Conekt as their supplier for 'everything'.

Alex and John thought their company name should reflect the companies' point of difference. This is when Conekt with a 'k' was developed. The infinity symbol was part of the branding's representation of the infinite number of individualised solutions and possibilities Conekt can (and would) deliver. Later on, the globe was introduced to demonstrate our global affiliations and how communication was transversing Australia's shores.

Conekt Australia's first promotional campaigns were launched to inform industry professionals that they were one of the most individualised managed service providers in Australia. During the first year, sales boomed and in late 2018 Conekt was awarded Number 1 Konica Minolta Reseller of the year and was recognised as the 3rd Fastest growing IT Service Provider in 2019 by FAST50.

Their loyal partners have aligned with their philosophy from the very beginning and these same partnerships have allowed for growth to include the most sought-after opportunities as official resellers with companies like UiPath, Konica Minolta, and more. Conekt gradually added more high-profile and large-scale multinational companies to their portfolio and today some of their most prestigious clients have engaged with Conekt to distribute to international offices.

The Conekt team acts with a thrive-and-growth mindset and believes in the process of continuous learning that improves our business and ourselves. The company culture has four focuses; these being Agility, Empowerment, Support, and Engagement.

Conekt follows an ethics code. Every day, their autonomous team makes a positive impact on the lives of their clients. Their meaningful work to improve the workplace of others starts first in their own office. Conekt team members continuously improve their workplace, they understand that their connection to technology is a privilege, and in doing so they are able to learn and grow authentically by implementing their individual aspirations with organisational goals.


Successful Partnerships and responsive solutions, for a better-connected future

At Conekt, we engage with forward-thinkers and deliver experience-rich technologies & services to realise individual workplace Utopia.

Successful Partnerships

  • A Passion for people and their lives at work.

  • Cutting-edge excellence in technology, innovation, design & support.

  • Client success is our future.

  • Research data and latest technologies.

  • Powerful partnerships to bring solutions to life.

Responsive Solutions

  • Begin with data, based on research.

  • Grow our business while integrating new technology.

  • Continuously Improving Security.

  • Reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Designing individualised responsive solutions for the measurable success of organisations.

A better-connected future

  • Support our local partners, to deliver more efficient solutions.

  • Empower people with more access to technology.

  • Deliver value across large companies and small businesses by connecting technology to individuals.

  • Deliver resilient workplace solutions.


We embrace our company culture, share our passion to build efficient organisations, and deliver workplace utopia as a team. 

We value our team, we know we can not do the work we do without our valued team.

”To derive meaning from ones’ work looks different to everyone. As a director, facilitating the journey of meaning-making for each team member, is ultimately what brings meaning to my own work"

Alex, Director

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"Relationships are why I got into this business! There is no greater fulfilment than a client who turns to you time and time again to help solve their problems."

John, Director


"I enjoy completing complex IT problems because I thrive on new challenges and how solving client issues brings greater efficiency to companies"

Ben, ICT solutions 


"Ongoing challenges and motivation to improve performance are what keeps me engaged!"

Kim, Change Lead


"I believe that effective processes and efficient practices lead to consistent and prosperous outcomes, for both business success and client experience."

Drew, Implementation & Client Experience


"I feel a sense of achievement when I go above and beyond our clients expectations"

Ingrid, Marketing & Design

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