To ensure their long-term success, organisations must embrace Business Process Automation (BPA) as a key strategy. BPA helps companies become more agile, productive, and competitive by streamlining their operations and minimising inefficiencies. By reducing human error, BPA can also improve financial performance and enable organisations to make better data-driven decisions.

BPA systems and processes generate vast amounts of data that, when analysed correctly, can provide valuable insights into operational processes. By reviewing and acting on this data, businesses can achieve higher performance standards and make informed decisions about process improvements. Overall, BPA is an essential tool for organisations that want to future-proof their success and stay ahead of the competition.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is used to automate business processes. RPA is a software technology that allows users to configure "bots" to perform repetitive, rules-based tasks, such as data entry, invoice processing, or customer service inquiries.

While APIs can also be a useful tool for integrating different software systems, RPA can eliminate the need for APIs in some cases. This is because RPA bots can automate tasks that would otherwise require manual intervention, such as copying data from one system to another or filling out forms. By automating these tasks with RPA, businesses can avoid the need to develop complex integrations using APIs. Additionally, RPA can be used to automate processes across multiple applications, even if those applications do not have compatible APIs.

However, it's worth noting that RPA and APIs are not necessarily mutually exclusive. In fact, in some cases, they can be used together to create more powerful automation solutions. For example, RPA bots can be used to automate data entry tasks within a specific application, while APIs can be used to connect that application to other systems in your business.

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Conekt's Document Capture platform has the potential to transform your business in virtually every industry sector. The product itself is designed to save time and money, reducing manual processes as it speeds up your business workflow.

Document capture can automatically extract data from forms (such as invoices) into business-ready data. Conekt's Document capture also recognises and converts multiple languages.

The ability to automate manual repetitive tasks such as invoice data entry, PO creation, and financial reconciliation provides businesses with more benefits and ROI than ever before. 


By implementing Workflow Automation software, your business can optimize and simplify the key processes at the heart of your operations. With automated workflows, every task progresses seamlessly to the next stage, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. Moreover, intelligent automation solutions can help you achieve the maximum return on investment from your digital transformation efforts, by integrating advanced technologies that support your business goals.