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Understanding your attack surface and infrastructure is core to formulating a comprehensive IT Security plan.

Conekt will work with you to ensure you have the right systems in place to Detect, Remediate, Respond & Report any security breaches or unauthorised access.
We start by mapping your environment, then tailor a custom solution to fit your organisations infrastructure.

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Monitored Security, 24x7, Someone is always watching. Get a complete endpoint solution for threat monitoring, detection and remediation--all supported by an experienced 24/7 SOC with Conekt Australia.

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  • On-demand security operations – Ensure your organisation is secure as new systems and infrastructure are deployed.

  • Simple deployment, always available threat coverage 

  • Next-gen threat detection and remediation

  • Ransomware peace of mind

  • Threat Detection

  • Response and Remediation

  • Next-Generation Endpoint Security

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It can be tough to determine the most efficient security strategy for your business, but you can Let us help. We’ll scan your business' environments, identifying gaps and provide you with the guidance to help you develop the right solutions. More importantly, we work with your business to ensure that security policies evolve as required.

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  • Address security gaps based on best practices

  • Be alert ready vs alert fatigued – poorly configured alerts lead to “noise” and then real issues are missed.

  • Monitoring and analysis of key log files – Ensure that you have access to your network threat footprint at any time, and review any flagged events.

  • Customized security profiles – Individual profiles for certain users or machines

  • Risk scoring and alert thresholds – Customised to your organisation’s requirements.

  • Advanced Reporting for Compliance & Breach Reporting.

  • Webroot Secure Anywhere® DNS Protection to prevent redirection attacks.

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Security for you, safety for your business

Security threats continue to grow, and elements of your business are most likely at risk.

SMBs are targeted by 64% percent of all cyber attacks, and 62% of them admit lacking in-house expertise to deal with security issues.

There is no one business that fits the definition of a breach target. Security breaches occur for many reasons, from poor security, bad infrastructure all the way through to targeted espionage and the theft of intellectual property.

It seems like security regulations never stop changing. We help your business stay ahead of the curve and stay compliant by managing and retaining endpoint logs, analysing device information and creating alerts, responding to intrusions and working with you on the remediation process..

7 security operation centre
  • Advanced security operations – Monitor, Detect and Close down threats as they occur

  • Unified security experience. – Simple management portal for all your endpoint devices, servers and network infrastructure.

  • Be compliance ready – Regardless of your organisations security requirements, we can ensure that you remain compliance.

  • Automated Correlation of Log Data vs Threats – Get meaningful, realtime reporting on your network environment.

  • Reduce false positives – Ensure that alerts are not benign, legitimate applications sending false positives. Real, human verified threat response.

  • Monitoring and analysis

  • Advanced reporting for compliance

  • Threat intelligence support

  • Unrivalled SIEM Technology


Security Operations Center (SOC)

With managed detection and response remove the burden from your technical team by letting Conekt continuously watch the environments and act rapidly to address potential risks, ensuring ongoing protection with the most current security insights and guidance available. Our SOC is staffed with trained, certified staff 24x7x365, meaning someone’s always watching your network, and you can get on with running your business.