In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses frequently find their growth hindered by manual processes and operational bottlenecks.  


Moreover, the current digital age has pushed AI to evolve from just a buzzword to an essential tool for business transformation.  


Understandably, navigating the world of AI and automated workflows can be complex.  
At Conekt, we acknowledge the challenges encountered by businesses in this digital realm. That's why we are excited to introduce World of Workflows, a revolutionary software solution meticulously designed to free your business from these constraints. 


World of Workflows is a system that is set to redefine how your business manages its internal processes. It is designed to be your comprehensive automation solution for all your business needs, simplifying and streamlining your organisational operations. 


Whether your business deals with straightforward tasks or large-scale operations, World of Workflows is designed to adapt to your needs, regardless of the industry or specific department. 


With World of Workflows, you gain access to low and no-code solutions that expedite creation and implementation, propelling your business forward at an unprecedented pace.  



We see it all the time...

Businesses have layer upon layer of software and online tools, many of which don’t speak to each other and have to be managed manually. Costs for overlapping services start to build, and smart people whose talents could be put to better use find their time is wasted.  

Lose hours every week to manual tasks 

Rely on multiple platforms that don’t talk to each other 

Waste money on third-party providers, just to get systems to connect 


Suffer from human-error during data entry 

Be confused about where the opportunities lie 

Feel like you can’t grow without adding to your headcount 


We will identify the bottlenecks in your existing systems and provide solutions that will give you anything you need. 
If you can picture it, we can make it happen. 

Rapid Solutions

The low-code/no code platform allows us to create automations with up to 50%

fewer professional service hours than our competitors.

Unlimited workflows and instances 

World of Workflows provides unlimited workflows and deployments across your entire organisation, showcasing our significant benefit of endless scalability without the need for additional licenses to support your automation expansion

Dedicated Servcie

You’ll work with a skilled and dedicated Australian-based support and development team. 

Implementation flexibility

Host this solution within your own infrastructure and keep data onshore and within your network. 

Single cost

Pay a single licensing fee, regardless of how many automations are in use. 

Free proof of concept

We offer a complimentary high-level proof of concept before you decide to proceed.


World of Workflows is versatile and can be tailored to businesses across all markets. Allow Conekt to pinpoint and streamline your organisation's bottlenecks, transforming your efficiency and data accuracy.

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A complete solution from a single product


World of Workflows’ unique process automation solution is a game-changer for companies looking to increase efficiency, reduce errors and save money.  

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