Why your Insurance firm needs DaaS



The Insurance industry isn’t known to embrace new technologies as readily as other industries. When it comes to cloud computing, specifically in the form of Desktop as a Service, (DaaS) Insurance firms are only now starting to see the benefits and are fast tracking DaaS implementation in order to retain customers and entice new prospects. This blogpost will explore DaaS and exactly how Insurance firms can add significant value and security to their workforce through implementing cloud-hosted desktops.



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What exactly is Desktop as a Service?


Desktop as a Service is a fully managed cloud-based virtual desktop solution that empowers users to securely access their desktops from any device, anytime, anywhere in the world. DaaS allows 24/7 access to desktops in a safe and secure environment promising protection.


DaaS and Insurance – a valuable asset!


When it comes to Insurance, minimising and preventing disaster is at the forefront of objectives. The Insurance industry is looking for a way to provide a more efficient and more secure service, which is where DaaS shines as a pioneer in security and data protection.


It is being hailed as a great choice for Insurance firms due to the below:


· Mobility - Brokers are often on the road, meeting with clients both in their own office or home. By implementing DaaS, downtime is significantly reduced and employees aren’t confined to a single workspace to carry out simple or complex tasks. Tasks can be completed while on the move or waiting for the next meeting.


· Data protection - A guarantee of data protection is invaluable for Insurance, Brokers handle the most intimate client details including home, age, vehicle details as family member information. With DaaS everything is backed up nightly automatically, so you don’t need to stress if something goes wrong.


· Business continuity - No business can afford downtime, especially within Insurance firms where customer service and deliverance are essential. Should your firm be affected by a power outage or disaster, DaaS allows employees to easily pick up a new device to continue working from and relocate without losing any precious data or time.


· Enable security - Implementing DaaS into your workforce, strengthens your security systems ­ particularly for Insurance firms implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies. With DaaS, information loss and leakages are eliminated and data is stored in a world­class data centre, only accessible to pre­ advised administrators. Absolutely no information is able to be stored on the actual device when working from cloud hosted desktops - making security simple!


· Savings - Reduce upfront investments, operating expenses and minimise costs thanks to predictable monthly user fees with DaaS. Your firm will be able to extend the life of its hardware in a cost effective and productive manner.


By allowing staff to have greater access and greater mobility with their workloads, boosted staff productivity and customer happiness is almost instantaneous. Security precautions are heightened, with less pressure and concerns for staff who are now able to concentrate on delivering a quality service.


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