The top 10 benefits for SMBs to move thier desktops to the cloud!


There is no question that the cloud movement is well and truly upon us with many small-to-medium businesses already embracing the benefits of the cloud. This blog will discuss the reasons and advantages for moving away from traditional desktop computing strategies and will explore why cloud hosted desktops are being readily embraced by small-to-medium businesses globally.

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Conekt Australia : Cloud

What is the cloud?


Cloud computing refers to virtual infrastructure or internet based resources that can be accessed and consumed on demand to perform computing tasks. The cloud allows for businesses to pay upon usage, and is versatile in its usability and functionality. Cloud computing minimises and has the potential to eliminate upfront computer software costs, with most managed service providers billing the service as a monthly fee.

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Top 10 benefits of moving to the cloud...

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Conekt Australia : Improved time management

1. Improved time management


Cloud computing allows for easy staff management and training as well as reduces the loss of revenue that is associated with the inability to have immediate access to resources. By adopting the cloud, your business is able to manage documents, projects and communications as well as the ability to train staff from anywhere, anytime. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) specifically gives your employees immediate access to resources providing they have an internet connection. Your staff are able to meet with clients, and accelerate deals by instantly sending required information.



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Conekt Australia : Savings

2. Savings


You are able to budget for an affordable set monthly fee without any hidden costs, that is tangible as your company grows and requires further usage. You can also cut costs when it comes to updating computer software and avoiding software redundancy costs.



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Conekt Australia : Mobility

3. Mobility


If your business requires you or your employees to be constantly on-the-go for appointments, or a number of your employees work remotely, then the cloud is for you. Have all your information stored in the one place, accessible to all employees with an internet connection. Staff members are no longer required to be desk bound, and can perform simple or complex tasks while on the road and have access to the entire office with the simple click of a button.


The popularity and increase in workplaces adopting Bring Your own Device (BYOD) strategies is also supported by cloud computing practices, making employees working from their phones, laptops or tablets simple and efficient.

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Conekt Australia : Nature of Business

4. Nature of Business


With 49% 1 of Australian businesses expected to look into cloud computing strategies, your business can’t afford to be left on the starting blocks. If your business has an online element, whether you like it or not, this means your business is open 24 hours a day regardless of whether you or your staff are physically working. The cloud allows for your business to be more flexible and more productive, you can respond immediately to current business problems and opportunities and help your company to adapt to technology advances as they become apparent.

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Conekt Australia : Scalability

5. Scalability


Don’t pay for what you don’t use. Cloud computing changes the way your business will buy and use technology. You are given the control to upscale or downscale your IT requirements. The cloud supports your business growth and doesn’t lead to expensive investments that will cause you stress as your workplace continues to grow.

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Conekt Australia : Data Storage reinvented

6. Data Storage


Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of the cloud is its data storage capabilities and its file backup properties. If a technical failure was to arise within your business, on the cloud your work is instantly backed up to an offsite server meaning your valuable data will remain accessible.

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7. Collaboration


The cloud encourages collaboration and teamwork. If members of your team are required to work remotely, by adopting the cloud, they feel as though they are engaged and are valued members of the team.


The cloud encourages interaction and allows for multiple employees to leave comments and feedback on projects regardless of which device they are working from. Users can access files of all formats and collaborate with a team member whether they be next to them in the office, or on the other side of the world.

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Conekt Australia : Speed and superior performance

8. Speed


A key benefit of the cloud is its superior performance and speed. The nature of the cloud is instant, meaning accessing applications and documents are quick and easy. The concept of working from the cloud is generally quite simple, and requires limited training and detail when explaining to employees.

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9. Security


By moving your businesses desktops to the cloud you can certify security. With most companies hosting their data within their own office, they run the risk of losing their entire workplace data should disaster strike. Utilising cloud hosted desktops allows you to adopt a desktop disaster recovery (DR) strategy. In the instance of a disaster within your workforce, desktop DR ensures business continuity and protection. With no physical infrastructure required, you have the ability to reserve data capacity and in turn protect your tiered workforce.

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10. Performance


SMB can really benefit from adopting cloud hosted desktops specifically in the area of performance. As an SMB, updating hardware isn’t always a first priority as it is sometimes unnecessary and it can prove quite costly. The cloud gives life and a new purpose to older equipment.




Through moving your SMB to the cloud and utilising cloud hosted desktops, you will reap the benefits that not only span across monetary advantages, but areas of mobility, functionality, security and speed. Join the cloud movement to simplify your workplace and secure its valuable and essential data.


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